It’s time the boys made ‘Every Second Count…

May 17, 2015

If you’re anything like us, every second counts. There are never enough hours in the day, are there? So when a leisurewear range comes on the market carrying that very message, we just know it’s for us. Any excuse to sample the luxurious surroundings of Equinox Gym in Kensington is a good excuse, so my Wednesday morning spent leaping and pressing at the ESC menswear launch was a version of heaven.


I was out of the door at the crack of dawn, dressed to be impressed in my favourite fitness clobber. In case you have been stuck underground for the last six months Every Second Counts is the latest revolution in fitness fashion. Owner and designer Sally Dixon was a Fashion Director in the magazine world. She has created a range of quality activewear designed to take you from the gym or pilates class to daily life in a second. Designed in Britain and made from quality performance fabrics in Portugal, you don’t have to ask a friend in America to pick up great looking gear for you anymore. Sally’s to-die-for collection was originally targeted purely at women. But the innovative designs and statement pieces left the boys green with envy and so they got their way… as usual! Wednesday saw us ogling – a little embarrassingly – at fabulous blokes’ gear on the clothes rail showcasing ESC’s latest ground breakers.

But first, the morning broke with a tough 30 minute HIIT class, leaving us jelly- legged and hungry for some delicious post-work out sustenance! Equinox delivered as usual with a selection of canapé style treats. Salmon, egg white and wasabi rolls tickled the savoury taste buds and beetroot brownies conquered the sweet tooth. And as if all that wasn’t enough the guys from Neat Nutrition offered delicious shakes – a berry whey flavoured shake and a Vanilla vegan blend! Now I’m not usually a fan of ‘fruit flavoured’ shakes but this was surprisingly tasty – not the usual stereotype of a fake and overly sweet taste. The real surprise was the vegan shake! Usually plant based proteins carry an earthy, almost bitty taste… oh no, not this one! The creamy texture and subtle vanilla flavour perfectly complimented the almond butter it was blended with.


As for the ‘goodie bags’… well, these could not have been better. Maybe the weight of them got us all over excited! Especially when that weight turned out to be a full size jar of Viridian Coconut oil partnered with a tub of their multi vits. In addition to this, there was a variety of snacks included a sachet of our total favourite PB delight, Pip and Nut, a delicious bounce ball and some Raw Beetroot and Ginger Muesli (thanks to Primrose Kitchen). Teapigs, Alpro and Guinness also featured. They didn’t say you had to consume the lot on the short tube trip home but I tried! Team ESC Collection ranged from stylish sleeveless hoodies to sweat wicking tank tops. Each piece matched the impressive feel and flair of the already well established women’s range.  The pieces are available exclusively at Equinox this week. Get your hands on them now and experience ‘Trendy Training’ at its best!


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