We Ran(Cycled)…Devils Punch

November 3, 2016
The Race!
Wiggle Sportive – Devils Punch


Who We Ran(cycled) With…
Pearl Izumi


Where’d We Go?
The race began in H’s close by hometown Alton, before pedalling through surrounding villages including right past H’s school, and almost past her house thanks to a wrong turn!


How Far Did We Go?
50mile loop (plus our 6mile detour… Oops!)


Plodded (peddling) Upon…
Asphalt roads


The welcoming arms of the cycling community! Even when we had just stopped to munch on sandwiches every rider that passed slowed to check we were a-ok!
We rode through H’s home turf, the perfect way to show E the memorable landmarks!


We Struggled…
We had been naughty and had not put in many road miles before the race, so its safe to say our behinds were feeling a little sensitive in the saddle!
There were also some short but seriously steep and punchy hills. Good job we have strong legs!


Why This Race…
It was a really accessible race for all those London pedal’ers wishing for a bit of fresh air in their lungs come the weekend. You can jump on an early train at Clapham Junction and be in Alton in just over an hour.
We are suckers for a scenic route and this is certainly one of them. Even though the cloud was low, and the views of the rolling hills were slightly obscured there was still plenty to see, including beautiful natural ‘tree tunnels’ over the roads, and some fantastic house porn!


Famous Faces…
Does H’s school count as a famous face?


Mid Run Brainwave…
We need a selfie stick to attach to E’s handle bars to get better 360 degree footage on our Nikon KeyMission. (click here to see our race day video using the Nikon)


Number 1 Fan…
We had no personal cheerleader down to watch us as the ride is pretty long, but saying that pretty much every rider gave us some words of encouragement be it whilst over taking them or (more likely) they were over taking us.


What Did We Wear…
Head to toe Pearl Izumi 


What Did We Ride…
H was on Noah, a very snazzy Ridley speed demon.
E was on Liv, her trusty Giant road bike


If You Fancy A Go…
Click here!



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