INGREDIENTS:  (Serves 2)
600g Pumpkin (about 1/4 pumpkin)
1tsp Rapeseed Oil
20g Flaked Almonds
28g Slice of Wholemeal Bread
10g Fresh Parsley
1 Orange (Zest)
1/2 Pomegranate


Pre heat your oven to 200°c
Slice out a quarter of your pumpkin and remove the seeds, but keep the skin on. This section should weigh about 600g grams.
Slice your pumpkin into 8 wedges which are 1-2cm thick.
Lay wedges on a foil linked baking tray, drizzle with oil and place in the oven.
Meanwhile in a pan on a medium heat toast the almond flakes. Keep a close eye on them as they can burn easily!
Slice the bread into cubes and add to the almonds for the last few minutes of toasting.
Place the toasted almond flakes and bread cubes into a blender with your finely chopped parsley and orange zest. Pulse a couple of times until a breadcrumb like texture forms.
Remove pumpkin wedges from the oven and top each one with the almond, parsley and orange crunch.
Return pumpkin wedges to the oven for another 15-20mins or until the crunch is golden and the pumpkin is soft through.
Serve with pomegranate seeds as ‘drops of blood’ to up the Halloween factor!






MACROS: (Per serving/4 wedges)
Calories = 188kcal
Protein = 6.8g
Fat = 8.8g (Saturated fat = 0.95g)
Carbohydrates = 17.3g (Sugars = 10.1g)


We served ours with chicken burgers, but you could serve them with pretty much anything or just enjoy them on their own.
Pumpkin can be hard to source all year round, this recipe would be just as tasty if you use any form of squash.