INGREDIENTS:  (Serves 1)
1tsp Rapeseed Oil
40g Wholegrain Spaghetti
½ Courgette (120g)
1 Salmon Fillet (110g) (I used Muscle Food)
80g Broccoli
50g Spinach
2 Sprigs Basil
1 Spring Onion
½ Lemon (Optional)


Boil the kettle and pour over the spaghetti in a sauce pan and leave to cook.
Drizzle the oil into a frying pan on a medium to high heat.
While the oil is heating spiralise your courgette and cut the broccoli in to small pieces set aside.
Once the oil is hot place in the salmon fillet skin side down and leave for 3-5mins, or until the skin is crispy and the salmon has changed to light pink half the way up.
Once the spaghetti is bendy but not cooked add the broccoli.
Flip the salmon over and cook for 2-3mins, set aside once cooked.
Add the spinach and courgetti to the pasta and broccoli. Cook for 1-2mins and then strain off the water.
Finely chop the basil and spring onion and stir into the pasta mix, season with a little salt and pepper. Place this mix into a bowl.
Slice the salmon down the middle and place on top of the pasta.
Squeeze over a little lemon juice if you wish.


Calories = 482kcal
Protein = 36.9g
Fat = 23.4g (Saturated fat = 4g)
Carbohydrates = 33g (Sugars = 5.4g)


When I made this I had run out of lemons, but I think a little fresh lemon zest and juice would be a great addition to the dish.




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