INGREDIENTS:  (Serves 2)
450g Butternut Squash
1tsp Smoked Paprika
20g Parmesan
2 Eggs
80g Wholemeal Flour (RudeHealth)
1/2tsp Rapeseed Oil
100g Halloumi
80g Baby Kale
10 Cherry Tomatoes
8 Olives
1/2tbsp Mixed Seeds


Pre heat oven to 200°c.
Remove the skin and seeds from the butternut squash and chop into 2cm cubes. Place on a baking tray. Massage with smoked paprika and roast for 30-40mins or until soft.
Blend together the cooked squash, grated parmesan, eggs and flour (add a splash of water in you need).
Heat ½ tsp of rapeseed oil in a pan. Once hot poor in 1/6 of the batter. Cook for 2-3mins on each side.
Once all 6 pancakes are made pan fry the 4 slices of halloumi.
Layer pancakes with halloumi and serve with baby kale, tomato and olive salad. Sprinkle over some mixed seeds for an added crunch.


Calories = 614kcal
Protein = 34g
Fat = 29g (Saturated fat = 13g)
Carbohydrates = 47g (Sugars = 14g)